My creative work focuses on experimental and new media storytelling.


An artist book, with satirical text and augmented video:

Looking at the augmented reality book
Style Guide for Erasing Human Dignity: Linguistic strategies for a broken world (here)

An interactive, web-based documentary:
Building Blocks: Interactive Conversations with LGBTQ Families (full series forthcoming, 2017-2018)

Image of building blocks
Building Blocks: Interactive Conversations with LGBTQ Families (here)


An augmented reality game
Free Swim (created in collaboration with Kathy Mueller, 2016)

An image from Free Swim
Free Swim (here)

A web-based interactive multimedia novel
Closer Than Rust (2011-2017)

Image from Closer Than Rust
Closer Than Rust (here)

Locative media stories, accessed via QR Codes
Language/Absence Series (3 projects, 2012-2013)

Dancers, text, QR code
Language/Absence Series (here)


Public installations, video sculptures & other surprises:
Alternative Screens (9 projects, 2005-2012)

Billboard with super8mm film stills
Alternative Screens (here)

Independent feature film, “experimental drama”
Hold The Sun (2009)

Hold The Sun (here)

LGBTQ-empowering narrative short videos
The Lydia Pink Project (2002-2006)

Image collage from Lydia Li
The Lydia Pink Project (here)