A video by Laura Zaylea

Ravel is an interactive video designed for mobile phones. It tells the story of two generations of women in a family – the project creator and her grandmother – and the user can press the screen interface at any time to switch between stories. The project aims to record a family history while also questioning how family stories are shared and remembered.

How to watch Ravel:

This demo video walks through finding and engaging with Ravel.

Watch the full project:

Please remember to watch with a smartphone in vertical orientation. Ravel will play on a computer screen, but it was designed to be experienced with a phone you can hold in your hand and tap as you watch.

Ravel: https://video.eko.com/v/APvELk

If you are prompted for a password, the password is “” (all lower case)


University Film and Video Conference
New Media Gallery Exhibition
July, 2021

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