As an Associate Professor of Instruction at Temple University in the Department of Media Studies and Production, I teach a range of courses including both traditional and emerging media production.

Teaching Philosophy

My philosophy of teaching centers around hands-on, theoretically informed, production-based learning that involves creativity, experimentation and risk-taking. In the classroom, I see myself as a both a guide and a “fellow traveler,” learning and making along with my students.

Traditional & Emergent Media

My classes cover both traditional media-making practices and new media approaches. Producing and Directing brings students into the experience of producing narrative short films and TV pilot episodes, and Advanced Editing focuses on the theory and practice of video editing. Emergent Media Production changes often as media technologies change; this year, we are working with 360-degree video and video for augmented reality. I also teach two sections of Genres of Media Production: Interactive Video Production and Video for Social Media.

Here is a video about my interactive video production course:

Another video interview with students who created interactive video projects can be found in Volume 3 of Emerge: Interactive and New Media Work by Studies in Media Studies and Production.


Associate Professor of Instruction in Media Studies and Production
Klein College of Media and Communication
Temple University. Philadelphia, PA. 2012-Present:

  • MSP 4741/8741: Emergent Media Production
  • MSP 4701/5701: Producing and Directing
  • MSP 5547: MA Project Workshop (co-taught)
  • MSP 5310: Special Topics – Graduate Production Colloquium
  • MSP 5310: Special Topics – Interactive Video Storytelling
  • MSP 4703: Multimedia Production for Corporations and Nonprofits
  • MSP 4541: Mobile Media
  • MSP 3296: Travel Writing (online)
  • MSP 3709: Advanced Editing
  • MSP 3701: Genres of Media Production: Cross Platform Story / Interactive Video Production
  • MSP 3701: Genres of Media Production: Video for Social Media
  • MSP 1701: Introduction to Media Technology
  • MSP 1001: Video Production for Non-Majors
  • Klein Global Opportunities: Dublin 360: Digital Storytelling (in Dublin, Ireland)
  • Klein Global Opportunities: Internship (Online and in Ireland)
  • EPSY 8960: Problems in Ed Psych: Innovation, Technology and Teaching in Higher Education

Film Lecturer in the Department of Communication
Georgia State University. Atlanta, GA. 2010-2012:

  • Women in Experimental Film & Media
  • The Language of Film Through Production
  • Production One
  • Aesthetics and Analysis

Teaching Awards:

Innovative Teaching with Technology Award (2017)
Annual award presented by the Center for the Advancement of Teaching at Temple University

Innovative Teaching with Makerspace Technology Grant (2017)
Teaching with technology grant presented by Center for the Advancement of Teaching in collaboration with the Digital Scholarship Center at Paley Library, Temple University

Klein College Junior Faculty Teaching Award (2017)
Annual award presented by Klein College of Media and Communication 

Student Work:

Emergent Media:
To see inspiring work created by MSP students, please see Emerge: Interactive and New Media Work by MSP Students, curated by Prof. Laura Zaylea & Dr. Adrienne Shaw

These works are included in Emerge, Volume 1: 

Here & Now: Interactive Music Video
By Kristina Stidham, Spencer Trabbold, Jennifer Sheppard, Zach Corey
Format: Interactive music video
Created for MSP 3701: Genres of Media Production
with Prof. Laura Zaylea. Spring, 2017
Online here

Smile Breaks the Somber
By Nick Manolis
Format: Fictional narrative, physical book augmented with video content
Created for MSP 4741/8714: Emergent Media Production
with Prof. Laura Zaylea. Fall, 2015
Online here

Traditional Narrative:
These short narrative videos and television pilots were produced in my class MSP4701: Producing and Directing / MSP5701: Graduate TV Production. The scripts were written for Dr. Kristine Weatherston’s Creative Scriptwriting class. 

The Art of Being Izzy
Produced in Spring, 2017
A hard-headed Chinese-American college student learns to embrace her cultural identity
Original Screenplay by Christina Lew
Produced by Jennifer Bratcher, Nahomy Galan, Jin Kim, Eli LeBan, Colin Pawlowski and Yuanzhuo Wang

Jack Solve: Private Eye
Produced in Spring, 2017
Original Screenplay by Eric Mohrman
Produced by Adam MacDonald, Chunxue Li, Po-Hsien Lee, Dominique Turner, Nick Kelly, Ben Kamens

People of World-Mart
Produced in Fall, 2016

Produced in Spring, 2016

Final Screening Events:
Publicity flier, MSP 4741/8741 – Beyond The Page – Fall, 2017 (360 Video Screening flyer)
Publicity flier, MSP 4701/5701 – Fall, 2017
Publicity flier, MSP 3701 – Spring, 2017
Publicity flier, MSP 4701/5701 – Spring, 2017
Publicity flier, MSP 4701/5701 – Fall, 2016 (4701-2016-fall)
Publicity flier, MSP 4741/8741 – Fall, 2016
Publicity flier, MSP 3701 – Spring, 2016
Publicity flier, MSP 4701/5701 – Spring, 2016 (4701-2016-spring)