Building Blocks is an interactive video documentary about LGBTQ families!

Conversation 1: The Chen-Hayes Family (Method: Surrogacy)
Gay dads Stuart and Lance talk about creating a baby through surrogacy… and 13 years later, throwing their son a “first gay teen day” celebration.
Documentary/interactive conversation
Available here:
TRT: 20 minutes

Conversation 2: Multi-Family Conversation (Method: Pregnancy with donor sperm)
Come hear how they did it! Fourteen LGBTQ parents and parents-to-be talk about creating families with the help of known, anonymous & open ID sperm donors. 
Documentary/interactive conversation
Forthcoming (expected – December, 2017)


This project was made possible with generous support from:

  • Temple University Presidential Humanities and Arts Research Award, 2015
  • Klein College Faculty Summer Funding, 2016


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