One on-going thread in my work involves exploring where time-based media can, should and will play. Works that question this include video sculptures and public installations.

Billboard with super8mm film stills
Billboard Art Show. Savannah, GA. 2011

Projects created for alternative screens: 

Hatching Memories of the Future
Aerial video sculptures
Ostranenine. Aggregate Space Gallery. Oakland, CA. 2012
Hand-processed film can be seen within curved plastic spheres inside a series of aerial video sculptures. 

Photo of gallery installation
Hatching Memories of the Future, 2012

Journey Through Broken
Series of digital photographs exhibited in public space via LED billboard
Billboard Art Show Project. Richmond, VA. 2012
A series of photographs – derived from scratched film and glitch video – is displayed on a public LED billboard.

Three black-and-white images
Journey Through Broken, 2012

Texture Color Film Stills
Super8mm film stills exhibited in public space via LED billboard
Billboard Art Show Project. Savanna, GA. 2011

Billboard Art
Texture Color Film Stills, 2011

Song for the Bees
Hand-painted film poem in large-scale video installation
The Window Project. Digital Arts & Entertainment Laboratory
Atlanta, GA. 2011

Postcard for video installation
Song for the Bees, 2011

Her House
Experimental film presented on public subway station screens
TUFF: Toronto Urban Film Festival. Toronto, Canada. 2011

Film Still
Her House, 2011


Fertilized by Fire
Experimental hand-processed film, installed under stairwell
Unseen/Unsaid. Climate Curatorial Collective.
San Francisco, CA. 2009

Fertilized by Fire, 2009

Flower Fall
Experimental hand-processed film
Exhibited both as a screening and also projected on a 8×8′ meditation dome
San Francisco, CA. 2007


Still image from film (yellow flowers)
Flower Fall, 2007

Untitled: Tango Footage
Experimental hand-processed film, 3 minute loop
Opening gala multi-artist performance event
San Francisco International Film Festival
San Francisco, CA. 2007

Film Still
Untitled: Tango Footage, 2007


Inside Love
Video installation in public storefront window
Window Exhibition Space. Center for Modern, Culture and Media
Brown University. Providence, RI. 2005

Three windows, installation
Inside Love, 2005

Claudia & the Chicken
Sing-a-long film performance
“Movies with Live Soundtracks” Tour (14 venues in the US and Canada)

Film Still
Claudia & the Chicken, 2004

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