Laura Zaylea is a film/media artist and Assistant Professor of Instruction in the Department of Media Studies and Production in the Klein College for Media and Communication at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA.

Laura Zaylea, MFA

Creative work: She is currently working on Building Blocks: Interactive Conversations with LGBTQ families, funded by the 2015 Temple University Presidential Humanities and Arts Research Program and the 2016 Klein College Summer Creative Work Faculty Stipend. She recently co-created Free Swim, an augmented reality board game which won second place at the 2016 University Film and Video Association Conference New Media Exhibition. Past work includes a web-based multimedia novel (Closer Than Rust, 2015), a series of locative media projects using QR codes (Language/Absence Series, 2012-2013), film/video work designed for alternative screening contexts, an independent feature film (Hold The Sun, 2009) and short narrative work (The Lydia Pink Project, 2002-2006). More about her creative work here.

Teaching Practice: Prof. Zaylea’s teaching practice focuses on both new/emergent media technologies and classic modes of media production. Students in her Genres of Media Production class produce interactive videos, and students in Emergent Media Production create books augmented with video content. In Producing and Directing/Graduate TV Production, students produce 20-30 minute narrative shorts or television pilots; in Advanced Editing they learn the ins and outs of video postproduction. More about her teaching practice here.

Teaching Philosophy: Prof. Zaylea’s teaching philosophy centers around hands-on learning, experimentation and creative risk-taking, theoretically-informed making and the celebration of both individual and collective voices.

Awards: Prof. Zaylea received the 2017 Temple University Innovative Teaching with Technology Award, the 2017 Klein College Junior Faculty Teaching Award, one of the first annual 2017 Innovative Teaching with Makerspace Technology Awards, and the 2016 University Film and Video Association Conference Best New Media – Second Place Award.

CV: Yes, of course. It’s right here.