Video Projects – September 27, 2018

You can watch these videos in any of these ways:

  • With a head mounted display (click the “Google cardboard” icon to get two images, one for each eye, and then put your phone inside the head mounted display);
  • On a computer screen (navigate with mouse or arrows in top left corner);
  • On a phone or tablet without the HMD (you should be able to move the phone to look around the video, but you don’t need to click the “Google cardboard” icon because you want one image).

You can watch these with or without headphones.

You can find the survey here: 

Group 1 – Conversation

Group 2 – Attention

Group 3 – Editing / Scene Transition

Group 4 – Movement

Group 5 – Perspective

These are the videos for project #2 (“Building Blocks: Learning the Language of 360° Video”).

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