Film Still
Fertilized by Fire, 2009

Fertilized by Fire

Film by Laura Zaylea, sound design by Jennifer Zaylea
Super-8mm and 16mm film on Digital Video
8.5 minutes


Fertilized by Fire is an experimental film that explores the spirits of nature, elements of sound, and the texture of hand-processed and hand-dyed film. The camera searches a landscape in which nature grows over a village of abandoned houses. In the image, moss and lichen create a new home out of structures once destroyed. In a parallel process on the surface of the film, chemical and organic dyes dismantle and recreate what we see, causing us to question its reality. The sound-scape includes field recordings, sometimes natural and sometimes set to music, that harmonize the disturbed pairing – or disturb the harmonic pairing – of what is natural and what is intentionally manipulated.

This work was exhibited as an installation as part of this gallery show:
Unseen/Unsaid, The Climate Curatorial Collective, San Francisco, CA. February, 2009

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