Temple University’s Media Studies and Production course 4701/5701 (Producing and Directing / Graduate TV Production) is hosting a CASTING CALL.

Date: Friday, February 10th, 2017

Time: 10am – 1pm

Location: Annenberg Hall Studio 1. 2020 North 13th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19122

Note: When you arrive at Annenberg Hall, look for signs directing you to our Actor Sign-In Table

Contact: Direct questions and inquiries to Melissa Meade,

We are casting for three 20-30 minute narrative projects: The Art of Being [Izzy], Morgellons, and The Investigations of Jack Solve.

THE ART OF BEING [IZZY]: This “mockumentary” follows Izzy, a young Asian American college student and her life as she battles college life, her friends and family, all while learning how to face her problems with stereotypes and her cultural values. Short film.

THE INVESTIGATIONS OF JACK SOLVE: A 1950’s style “private eye” gets his big break when equipment goes missing from a college film club. Comedic mystery.

MORGELLONS: A daughter races home to her delusional mother, who is home alone and fighting to stay alive as man-sized mosquitos try to kill her. Psychological thriller. Narrative short.

We are casting for these roles:

Female, 20-21, Chinese American, story-teller, artistic, uncomfortable with her culture, sarcastic. Protagonist.
JUNE WONG: Female, 45-55, First generation Chinese, speaks English, Izzy’s mom, stern, controlling. Antagonist.
MAXINE WONG: Female, 25-29, Chinese American, Izzy’s sister, young professional, smart, motivated, family-oriented, work-oriented.

Supporting: (Ages 20-21)
Izzy’s best friend. Student. Chinese. Puts up with Izzy’s antics.
ERIC ADRIEN: Izzy’s friend. Chinese. Leader of “Asian Club.” Man of principles. School work first. Over-protective
SARA SCHNEIDER: Izzy’s Friend. Any ethnicity. Izzy’s original roommate. Loves being a young college student. Accidentally projects asian stereotypes
CHEUNG LI: Constantly and accidently gets in Izzy’s way. Chinese. Thick accent. Gentle and innocent. Excited.

Small Roles:
20-25. Any ethnicity. Maxine’s assistant in her office.
DAVID SMITH: 20-25. Any ethnicity. Host and waiter at a restaurant. Also works at Coffee shop. Constantly works alone.
KIM (FRIEND): 20-21. Asian. friend of Sara.
Classroom extras: 5-7 any ethnicity. 20-25.

Male, 20-35 years old, believes he lives in the 1950s, old fashioned “private eye” type, witty, functioning alcoholic, smoker
JESSIE SHOOT: Female, 18-25, any ethnicity, film student, intelligent, ambitious, creative, desperate for help when accused of theft
CHET THOMPSON: Male, 18-25, Caucasian, Jessie’s boyfriend, athlete/jock type, clean-cut
JACKIE FOCUS: Female, 20-25, Asian American, scheming, professional, jealous, craves attention
IRIS CLARK: Female, 18-25, any ethnicity, nerdy, jealous, sneaky
TOM: Male, 20-25, Black, newspaper reporter, well-dressed, high maintenance
JERRY: Male, 30+, any ethnicity, security guard, strict, by-the-book, sarcastic
EXTRAS: 15-20 college students

Female, 35-45, white or mixed, worried mother, caring, determined, schizophrenic, manic, hysteria/terrified
SARAH: Female, 18-25, white or mixed, Maggie’s daughter, determined, intelligent, voice of reason, strong, close with her mother
JONATHAN: Male, 35-50, white or mixed, Maggie’s husband, caring, loving, frustrated/worried
YOUNGER MAGGIE: Female, 4-8, white or mixed, sweet, scared, cute voice
YOUNGER SARAH: Female, 4-8, white or mixed, sweet, ambitious, outgoing, curious, cute voice
OFFICER WALINSKI: Male, 35-60, any ethnicity, slightly bigger build, authoritative, stern but caring
NEWS ANCHOR: Male, 18-50, any ethnicity, two versions: One scared and nervous, one cheerful and approachable
EXTRAS: Two officers carrying body bag, 10-15 bystanders outside the house
We also need a dog: Black and white border collie or any dark, long-haired small or medium dog

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