Your first major team project is the “Preproduction Binder,” which is actually two binders: A producer’s binder and a director’s binder.

Part A: The producer’s binder contains:
A. The finished script – clean copy, include revision date
B. Lined script – color copy (see below)
C. Breakdown pages for three scenes (see below)
D. Schedule A: Group availability (complete)
E. Casting Call: Promo material; character bios; script sides
F. Sample release form
G. Location list – list of needed locations
H. Production notes, questions or safety concerns (if any)

Part B: The director’s binder contains:
1. Storyboard for three scenes
2. Shot list for three scenes
3. Statement on filming strategy – one page (see below)
4. Links to “blocking visualization exercise” – one from each team member
5. Floor plans for three scenes, including both camera and character blocking
6. Backstory for lead characters

Part C: Group Statement
Because this is a group project, please list how work was divided (who did what)


Producing “how to” video: Making call sheets

Producing “how to” video: Lining scripts and making breakdown pages

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