Courses taught at Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, USA. 2012 – Present

Traditional Media Production Courses:
Producing and Directing / Graduate TV Production (more about this)
Advanced Editing

New/Emergent Media Courses:
Emergent Media Production / Cybermedia Workshop
Genres of Media Production: Cross Platform Story (more about this)

Mobile Media
Introduction to Media Technology
Multimedia Production for Corporations and Nonprofits

As a member of Graduate Faculty, I also serve on MA Graduate Committees.

Courses taught at Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA, USA. 2010-2012
Women in Experimental Film and Media
Language of Film Through Production
Production One
Aesthetics and Analysis

Before this…
Before teaching at the University level, I taught courses and workshops at the East Bay Center for the Performing Arts, CMAP TV and TILT: Teaching Intermedia Literacy Tools. I also served as a teaching assistant to film/video production courses at the San Francisco Art Institute and Brown University.