Lydia Li

Experimental Narrative
Digital Video
44 minutes

“Queer Girl Love Story and Videosploitation!”


Lydia Li is a 44-minute movie about a queer Asian American college student named Lydia Li (Amy Chang) who finds herself framed within video aesthetics determined by her emotions. When she is angry, she becomes a videogame. When she is alone in her room, we see her through a gentle, soft focus purple glow. When she is confused, the screen turns to pixelvision. When she develops a crush, suddenly she is walking in a multi-screen video installation!

Lydia is a college student studying video production and theory, and she is assigned to create a video. When her fellow students insult her ideas – dissuading her from making the personal narrative she had planned to create – Lydia loses her energy, the movie image loses its saturation, and only love can save her!


Distribution through “The Lydia Pink Project,” an independent initiative supported by DykeTV and Open Meadows Foundation.

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